Lisa Page (as seen on Good Morning Texas)

"Painting in reverse helped move me forward! "

Lisa has always loved to draw and paint, but after experiencing a devastating divorce in 2010, she feared she would never regain her passion for art.  During this dark time, a friend of hers asked if she could commission her to paint the Bell Tower and Bella Donna Chapel located in Adriatica in McKinney.  Lisa, reluctantly, said she would do it.  Thanks goodness for that friend, as it reignited the painting flame! This was also her first attempt at reverse glass painting as she experimented by painting the Bella Donna Chapel and fountain. Her motto is "Life Gets Better", and with her new husband's love and support, she is more passionate about painting than ever!

Her favorite "canvas" quickly became glass as she was intrigued by the brilliant colors, and loves the challenge of painting in reverse. She is always on the the hunt for funky, unique items to “re-purpose” by adding her whimsical flair of art, thus making each painting one-of-a-kind.  Knowing that people resonate with a saying or image she's created, and that it brings them happiness is what makes her want to paint everyday.  She can be found painting in her art loft with her sidekicks, Boomer & Fletcher (and her most recent addition, Kong) by her side, or sketching from her hammock overlooking the creek.